Safariland 579 Pro-Fit Holster

1 holster fits most

The holster made suitable for a wide variety of pistols, Safariland 579 Pro-Fit holster, features 4 different versions of varying lengths. This breaks down into 683(Long), 83(Standard), 283(Compact) and 183(Sub-Compact)

The Safariland 579 holster impliments the Grip Lock System (GLS) into its design, securly retaining the holster within the holster without the worry of accidental droppage from failure to retain the weapon.

Safariland 579 Pro-Fit Holster is easy to manipulate, using the compatible models and sliding your pistol into the holster just like a regular holster, the GLS lock will automatically retain the pistol via the trigger guard.

To unholster, everything remains the same from gripping the pistol and making your index, once you have the index your middle finger only requires a forward motion to press into the GLS release lever in the same stroke as your draw, allowing an unrestrictive draw compared to the other holsters that have trigger guard retention systems.


579 comes with a belt clip, same as the mag pouches so it is compatible with Safariland's 030 series belts.

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